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By registering and becoming a partner in the Jersey City-Newark Urban Area Initiative you will be notified of upcoming trainings, events and relevant information to your discipline. If eligible, you may be asked to participate in planning and working group sessions that inform regional policy and operational concepts.

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Jersey City - Newark UASI Non-Disclosure Agreement
  1. I accept the obligation contained in this Agreement in consideration of my being granted access to “sensitive information.” The term, “sensitive information” includes: a. Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES): information that could adversely affect ongoing investigations, create safety hazards for officers, divulge sources of information, and/or compromise their identities.  b. For Official Use Only (FOUO): information which warrants a degree of protection and administrative control that meets the criteria for exemption from public disclosure under the OPRA Act, and other state and federal Freedom of Information Acts.
  2. I agree to keep confidential all “sensitive information” provided by the Jersey City - Newark UASI (NNJ UASI) and to protect its confidentiality and restrict its access based on a right and need to know. “Sensitive information” disseminated by the NNJ UASI  shall not be disseminated by the recipient without permission from the NNJ UASI or the issuing agency and shall only be disseminated via official government e-mail. It shall not be disseminated via commercial ISP or webmail services, i.e. Yahoo or Gmail.
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